Manipulation Under Anesthesia

Dr. Elkins recently updated his certification to perform Manipulation Under Anesthesia or MUA. He initially became certified in 2000. MUA is a surgical procedure that is non-invasive and conducted when other conservative procedures have failed to either reduce the patients pain or returned them to the appropriate or expected functional levels at home or work.
There is a very selective procedure in terms of what types of patients are accepted into the treatment program. It is an often misunderstood procedure. However, the success rate based on scientific studies is quite impressive. Over 70% of patients report good to excellent results. Longer studies have found that patients are still pain three years following the procedure.
MUA is performed under the direct supervision of an Anesthesiologist. It does involve anesthesia that allows the patient to completely relax and is very safe. The procedure involves stretching muscles and scar tissue along with light impulse adjustments to the treatment area when necessary. As the Lead MUA Surgeon, you have the opportunity to produce results in as little as 1- 5 visits that otherwise would have taken months to years or possibly not resolved at all. A whopping 5% of patients went on to have surgery in the study following MUA procedures. That is a huge success. The greatest part remains that those patients undergoing the procedure generally report both high satisfaction and a return to normal functions in life.

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