Our Proven Biomechanical Rehab and Strengthening Program

Our postural regenerative programs are very unique from all other rehabilitative programs. This program can achieve very rapid changes, not only in changing your posture, but ultimately in changing your overall health. If you are accepted as a patient to participate in this rehabilitative program, it is because The Doctor believes that, with your 100% commitment, you can achieve optimal health in a relatively short period of time.

The Doctor’s recommendations for postural reconstruction are based on several considerations:

  1. Severity of postural/structural distortion determined on x-ray:
    Acute angles in spine/posture (compression injuries to nerves).
  2. Current Phase of Degeneration:
    Phase I – Loss of “arc of life” and lumbar lordosis (neck and low back curve).
    Phase II – Some degeneration occurring, calcium spurs and thinning.
    Phase III – Moderate degeneration, advanced spurs, badly damaged discs.
    Phase IV – Severe degeneration, spurs connecting vertebrae, little to no disc space left.
  3. Severity of ligamentous damage/instability and involvement of vertebral levels.
  4. Current level of overall health.

The Pettibon System

Wobble Chair Image
The Wobble Chair™ with diaphragmatic breathing (belly breathing)
  • Adds strength and flexibility to the mid and low back.
  • Reduces stress in the low back and aids in the prevention and recuperation of injuries.
  • Assists in the healing of disc bulges and disc tears.
  • Re-inflates discs, helps heal bulges and tears, keeping them young and strong.
  • Helps nourish the brain and spinal cord (CSF).
  • Reduces risk of heart attacks by massaging the heart.
  • Enhances effectiveness of the Body Weighting System™.
  • Stimulates metabolism (needed for disease prevention).

Cervical Traction Unit

  • Reduces stress in the neck and aids in the prevention and recuperation of injuries.
  • Helps restore normal cervical “arc of life” relieving tension on the spinal cord.
  • Re-inflates discs, heals bulges and tears keeping them young and strong.
  • Stimulates production of endorphins (body’s natural pain killers.

Body Weighting System™
Head/Shoulder/Hip Weights

  • Corrects Forward Head Syndrome and overall posture.
  • Relieves stress on the spinal cord helping energy to flow from the brain into the body restoring overall health.
  • Relieves stress/tension on the heart.
  • Increases vital lung capacity.
  • Relieves pressure and stress on degenerative discs and damaged ligaments so they can heal.
  • Strengthens weak neck muscles.
  • Helps you HOLD AND STABILIZE your correction to ACCELERATE your results.

Spinal Molding

  • Designed to begin restoration of spinal curves.
  • It is an entirely passive exercise performed, uninterrupted, for at least 20 minutes.
  • It is the only exercise that you may perform in bed.
  • During the 20 minutes, the fluid in the discs previously warmed will cool to a hydrogel state and set up for the night in the curves that are necessary for spinal stability.
  • Spinal Molding relaxes the spine, thereby preparing for rest and sleep.

Fulcrum Program for Core Stability

  • Unique, bio-mechanically correct core stability program for flexibility and strength.

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