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X-Ray Image


X-rays are a form of energy similar to radio waves and sunshine. A Gonstead Chiropractic X-ray will give you no more radiation than a flight from Nashville to Orlando, Florida! Commonly, they are used to view the bony structures of the body to rule out any pathology, and in particular to Chiropractors, a means of biomechanical analysis.

Specialized chiropractic weight bearing X-rays will be taken of your whole spine. The frontal view is taken in one piece and is the ONLY way to fully analyze spinal vertebrae.

Since the Gonstead doctor wants to be as specific as possible in analysis and treatment, this information is vital in order to find the exact vertebral subluxation. All required measures are taken to ensure the exposures are taken with the least amount of radiation via the use of high speed screens, collimation, gonadal shielding and automatic chemical processing.

We use specialized x-ray cassettes which allow us to be very specific.

These x-rays will show the following:

  • look for signs of pathology and fractures
  • condition of each disc and joints in the spine
  • any abnormalities you were born with
  • your posture and its curves and how your body reacts to the forces of gravity

Taking into consideration all the x-ray findings, your chiropractor also takes into account your condition and examination and plans the specific adjustment required to correct your subluxation.

The spine and nervous system is the most intricate and complicated structure of the entire human body. We need to get as much information as we can before we try and correct it.


X-Ray Image
Specialized films allow us to measure disc segments and spaces so we can be very specific in our analysis.

Chiropractic x-rays are unique to chiropractic. Your medical doctor’s x-rays are not taken for structural, functional purposes (subluxation listings, weight bearing posture, full spine), but are for pathology screening purposes only. In other words, they are looking mainly for tumors or fractures. Unfortunately, in the field of chiropractic, there are those doctors who take x-rays but do not use any practical listing system or any appropriately matched chiropractic adjusting technique – thereby defeating the purpose of the x-ray, altogether. Essentially, the only value that is thereby gained is for chiropractic contraindications to the adjustment, i.e. tumor or fracture in which case, your medical films would have worked just fine.

Chiropractors, who utilize chiropractic x-ray analysis thereby, provide care that is more efficacious than chiropractors who do not.

Does Everyone Require X-rays?

The X-rays are an incredibly important part of the analysis, allowing us to measure the disc spaces and shapes, allowing us to find the site of spinal dysfunction and nerve pressure and also find the specific site on the bone that we will need to contact in order to get you better. Unfortunately without X-rays we cannot visualize the bony structures, i.e. vertebrae, of the spine. So if a subluxation is the cause of your problem then an X-ray is essential in determining the most precise way to correct it.

However in certain circumstances an X-ray may not be taken. Children’s bodies are constantly developing and changing, therefore X-rays are only taken in select cases. Also, pregnant women will not be X-rayed. PLEASE NOTIFY YOUR CHIROPRACTOR EVEN IF YOU SUSPECT YOU ARE PREGNANT.

Benefits of an X-ray:

  • Rules out pathology
  • Important visual record of the spine
  • Determines the biomechanical status of each spine
  • Identifies areas of spinal decay/degeneration
  • Confirms examination findings
  • Informs the Chiropractor the direction of misalignment. This allows maximal correction of the subluxation, quickly allowing the patients to return to optimal health.

Minimizing Exposure to X-rays:

  • Only the necessary views are taken
  • The latest up-to-date equipment is utilized
  • Regular mandatory government inspection and testing of site
  • Sensitive high speed film shortens the exposure time
  • Highly accurate electronic timing
  • Luminescent screens amplify the image
  • Filters and collimation limit the beam to areas required
  • Shields protect sensitive body parts, for example gonads and eyes
  • Pre X-ray measurement to decrease the amount of X-rays required minimizing the number of exposures required.


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